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Innogauge: Startup Diagnostic for Venture Capitalists

A profound diagnostic to assess the future potential of a startup. 

An objective and predictive capability assessment.

Teams capability is a strong predictor of a startups future potential

As a Venture Capitalist, you focus on identifying promising startups and investing in their growth potential. You evaluate innovative ideas, technologies, and entrepreneurial teams for high returns, as well as provide strategic guidance and support to maximize success while generating returns for investors.


A capable and talented core team is a strong predictor of startup potential and future success. A growth mindset, adaptability, resilience, and the ability to make critical decisions are crucial determinants of the startup’s growth and viability.

Assessing the core teams capability is challenging

However, assessing the core team’s capability is challenging for a number of reasons. There is often a limited track record, at least of the core team as a whole; information about the team’s capabilities, skills and experience are often incomplete; and the assessments are inherently subjective and subject to bias, prejudice and oversight. Analyzing the individual capability of each team member as well as the team dynamics of the team as a whole require a deep understanding and expertise that is often absent in due diligences.

Innogauge is an ideal add-on to assess a startups capability and potential

Innogauge is a comprehensive diagnostic to assess the startup’s capability along essential aspects, the team’s collaboration logic and dynamics, and each team member’s individual capability along different dimensions. It is based on solid theoretical foundations of developmental psychology and builds on field-tested tools. As such, it is an ideal add-on to existing due diligence toolkits where additional emphasis on human capital is desired.

What will you get?

Startup Scan

A survey- and workshop-based analysis on the health and potential of a startup along essential aspects: strategy, product development, sales and business development, marketing and brand, operations and logistics, financial management, legal and compliance, human resources, technology and IT, and customer support.

Team analysis

A group-interview and survey based analysis on the logic of team work and the dynamics of the team.

Individual Assessments

An in-depth interview based assessment on the level and type of individual’s work capability and its growth potential, based on Bioss’ CPA method.

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