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The Art and Science of Adaptive Business

Aimed at CEOs and Directors, this vodcast offers valuable insights into executing strategic intent in terms of adaptive organizational interventions. From designing effective organizational structures to developing high-performing teams, our guests cover a wide range of topics that are relevant in today’s strategic development of organizations. As a listener of Enterprisology, you will gain access to exclusive conversations with renowned international experts on organization design, development, and leadership. Tune in for fresh ideas, unique insights, and first-hand success stories that you cannot afford to miss!

Episode 1: Dr. Asif Gill: Adaptive Enterprise Architecture as Information

Dr. Asif Gill puts forward a fascinating and ground-breaking reconceptualization of Enterprise Architecture that gives precedence to ecosystems, digital adaptive enterprise, and information pipelines. His approach is a welcome departure from the static ontology of traditional EA and recasting of the concept in the contemporary context of dynamic data-driven innovation and transformation.

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