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The Art and Science of Adaptive Business

Aimed at CEOs and Directors, this vodcast offers valuable insights into executing strategic intent in terms of adaptive organizational interventions. From designing effective organizational structures to developing high-performing teams, our guests cover a wide range of topics that are relevant in today’s strategic development of organizations. As a listener of Enterprisology, you will gain access to exclusive conversations with renowned international experts on organization design, development, and leadership. Tune in for fresh ideas, unique insights, and first-hand success stories that you cannot afford to miss!

Episode 5: Anssi Balk: Metaskills: Unleashing the Organization's Potential

In this episode of Enterprisology, featuring Anssi Balk of Metaskill Clinic, we delve into the fascinating realm of metaskills and explore their profound impact on the organization’s success. Traditional skills and knowledge are undoubtedly important, but there is a set of abilities that goes beyond the specific expertise of a job description. These are known as metaskills – the higher-order skills that empower individuals to adapt, innovate, and excel across various roles and challenges.

Episode 4: Gillian Stamp: Unlocking Employee Engagement: Achieving Flow at Work

Flow is a state of energized focus, creativity, and intrinsic motivation experienced when challenges of work align with skills and capabilities. In the pursuit of organizational success and employee well-being, the concept of Flow at work plays a pivotal role. In this conversational online event, Dr. Gillian Stamp explores the importance, implications and intricacies of achieving Flow in the workplace

Episode 3: John Gøtze: Actionable Architecture for Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions are often painstaking, expensive, and cumbersome. Engaging enterprise architecture in the acquisition/merger process allows the acquisition team to plan, execute, and evaluate acquisitions within a strategic planning framework that improves acquisition performance without compromising organizational performance. Dr. John Gøtze outlines the necessary actions for the EA team to become a value and proactive player in the pre- and post-merger process.

Episode 2: Patrick Hoverstadt: Unleashing Organisational Agility

Patrick Hoverstadt discusses the concept of organizational agility, addressing its significance and the challenges of understanding and measuring it. With a focus on systems thinking, the session will explore why agility matters for organizations facing turbulent environments, characterized by fluctuations in demand, risks, and opportunities.

Episode 1: Asif Gill: Adaptive Enterprise Architecture as Information

Dr. Asif Gill puts forward a fascinating and ground-breaking reconceptualization of Enterprise Architecture that gives precedence to ecosystems, digital adaptive enterprise, and information pipelines. His approach is a welcome departure from the static ontology of traditional EA and recasting of the concept in the contemporary context of dynamic data-driven innovation and transformation.

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