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Requisite Remedy: Organization Design for Scaleups

Align the organization design with your strategy within weeks instead of months. 

At a fraction of a typical cost.

It is essential that the organization design reflects your strategy

As a CEO leading your organization through transformation, it is essential to ensure that the new organization design reflects your strategy and subscribes to the best design practices. However, designing the optimal organizational structure can be challenging. Reorganizations tend to be reactive, misplaced and driven by personal preferences, biases and guesswork.

​While enlisting the help of a top consulting firm such as McKinsey, Bain or BCG is a popular option, it may not be suitable for every organization and situation. The engagements are typically long and expensive, result in somewhat disconnected plans that no-one in the organization really owns, and recouping the investment takes a long time, at best.

We help you design an adaptive organization that is optimized to your strategy

Requisite Remedy provides a more tailored, cost-effective and immediate solution for organization design. With deep expertise in organizational anatomy and design, Edisto helps you design an adaptive organization that is optimized to your strategic intent.


Our experienced team of organization design experts will work closely with your leadership team to analyze your strategy, organizational structure, systems and practices, identify areas for improvement, and redesign the organization with respect to strategy. ​

What will you get?

Insightful analysis of your organization 

A theory-informed integrated overview of the current state of the organization in terms of its strategy, structure, and systems.

Gap analysis

Identification of strategic misalignments, structural deficiencies, and other areas for improvement.

Adaptive organization design

An organization design based on organization design best practices and optimized for the organization's strategy.

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