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We focus on levels-based organizational analysis, design and development for small and middle-size organizations



Edisto focuses on levels-based organizational analysis, design and development for small and middle-size organizations from cradle to sale.


With ‘levels’ we do not refer to the hierarchical organizational structure, as such, but more broadly to the manifestation of increasingly developed organizational logics – the underlying principles, beliefs, and assumptions that shape and guide the behavior and decision-making of individuals within an organization.


This stratified system of organizational ‘operating systems’ provides a powerful lens, through which a range of business challenges can be meaningfully approached.


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We help you build a strong foundation for growth by focusing on right problems at the right time each step of the way. 

We help you reposition and realign your organization to be more adaptive in its context. 

We help you steer your company and measure its progress.

We help assess your portfolio company's capability and potential.

We help you navigate through the thorniest challenges.



Some examples of our past engagements applying the levels-based approach include:

  • redesigned the organization structure for strategic renewal of a manufacturer;

  • defined an IT infrastructure wholesaler’s growth strategy;

  • developed capability-based enterprise architecture frameworks for private and public sector organizations;

  • designed information governance frameworks for governmental and supranational agencies;

  • designed and implemented a service-oriented architecture governance framework at an energy company;

  • outlined a levels-based skills framework for an IT consulting organization;

  • advised an information services company in organization design, talent management, cultural growth, and performance management;

  • carried out succession planning of a director role at a construction company.

Mountain Range


Our senior team has a deep understanding of the complex interplay between economy, business, organization and technology. We use this knowledge to provide holistic, research-based advice that addresses the unique needs of our clients. We employ transdisciplinary approaches and solutions to design and develop systems and structures that are adaptive, scalable and sustainable in their context.



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